Multiple methods can be used to upload data to Soonr:

Via the Soonr Workplace Desktop Agent (Recommended):
Note this method requires the Soonr Desktop Agent to be installed.

Simply drag and drop files into the desired location within the Soonr Workplace folder.
The Soonr Desktop Agent will automatically upload these files to Soonr, which will then be available on all your other devices and to any Team Members that have access to the location in which the files are stored.

Note that files can only be placed within Projects - files placed on the root level of the Soonr Workplace folder will automatically be moved to the "Personal Documents" Project.

TipThe easiest way to check the progress of syncing is by the associated icon on the Project, which displays a green tick when the Project is fully synced.

Alternatively, the  'Progress...' window can be used to monitor the progress of the uploads.
Via Soonr Workplace Online - drag-and-drop method
Note: Only Google Chrome allows for folders to be uploaded via drag-and-drop. For all other web browsers, only files can be uploaded via drag-and-drop. With all browsers, multiple files can be dragged and uploaded simultaneously.
  1. Log in to Soonr Workplace Online
  2. Drag the file(s) into the browser window. The "upload" overlay will shown - simply drop anywhere in the browser window to start uploading.

    When within a Project, the file(s) will automatically upload to the current location.
    When in any other view within Soonr Online, a pop-up window will be displayed allowing you to select the location to which to add the file(s).
  3. A status bar, shown at the bottom of the Soonr Online window, will be displayed showing the progress of the upload.

    Click on 'View More Details' to see details for the files being uploaded and cancel current uploads.
    If more files are dragged and dropped into the browser window, they will be added and the status bar will be updated to reflect this.

You can continue to work within Soonr Online and the files will continue to upload - however, make certain to remain logged in to Soonr Online until the upload has completed!

Via Soonr Workplace Online - 'Upload' method
  1. Log in to Soonr Workplace Online.
  2. Click the 'Projects ' tab, navigate to the location where you want to store the files and click the "Upload" icon.
  3. Simply drag and drop the files, or click on 'Select Files to Upload' to launch the file browser and select the files to upload.

You can continue to work within Soonr Online and the files will continue to upload - however, make certain to remain logged in to Soonr Online until the upload has completed!

Via Email to Project

Once the "Email to Project" feature is enabled, each Project and folder is assigned a corresponding email address which can be used to email files directly into the Project or folder.

To access the email options, go to the Project or folder of your choice and press the 'Email' button.

'Allow uploads to this folder via email.' - This enables or disables the function of emailing files to this Project  or folder via email.
'File attachments only' - When this option is selected, file attachments will be uploaded to Soonr directly but any text within the email will be discarded.
'Body and file attachments of email' - When this option is selected, the entire email is uploaded as eml file, including email body and attachments.
Note: To be able to email a file into a Project or folder, the user requires 'Create & Modify' or higher permissions or a 'Public Link' must be enabled with the 'Upload Enabled' option selected.
Note: Soonr has no limitations on the file size via email, but email service providers often impose limits on the size of attachments. Please consult your email service provider to find out about their limitations.