Public Links allow sharing of data with users that do not have an account within your Soonr Team.
This allows for viewing, downloading and uploading of files with anyone who can access the Internet, at no additional cost.

While Connections allow for full collaboration and file sharing with external partners, Public Links offer a way to share files with a wider audience but with limited functionality.

A Public Link can be created for any Project, folder or file.

  • Creating Public Links requires that the Team Member owns the Project or has the 'Reshare & Public Links' option enabled.
  • Note that Public Links can be disabled for the entire Team via 'Policies' (Enterprise Teams only). If you cannot create Public Links, check with your administrator whether Public Links have been disabled.

How to enable a Public Link:

Via Soonr Workplace Online
  1. Login to Soonr Workplace Online
  2. Click the 'Projects' tab
  3. Navigate to the Project/folder/file that you want to make publicly available
  4. Click the 'Public Link' button
  5. Check the box labeled “Allow public access to this Project/folder/file
Via a Project synced to your computer
  1. Navigate to Project, folder or file to be made publicly available
  2. Right-click on the Project, folder or file and select 'Create Public Link' from the contextual menu
  3. Check the box labeled “Allow public access to this project/folder/file
  4. Click on 'Create Public Link'

Public Link options

Clicking the ‘Allow public access to this Project/folder/file’ will generate and display a publicly accessible link along with a QR Code. Within the Soonr Workplace Online, simply click on the public link to copy it to your clipboard, then paste the link wherever you like.  Next to the public link, the ‘send link’ button will allow for emails to be sent directly from within the Soonr Online interface. 

Statistics regarding access to the public link can be viewed by clicking ‘show stats’.

The 'Standard Link' option directs users to a simplified version of this same page, sporting your custom branding.
The 'Direct Link' option allows file downloads with minimum user interaction. Note that downloading files cannot be restricted when using a direct link

The 'Password protect this link' option disallows access without entering the password, which can be manually entered or generated.

The 'Auto-expire public link' allows the duration for which the link is available to be set:

  • Select from a predefined duration from the 'Select Duration' option, or
  • Specify a precise data and time for the link to expire using the 'Select Expiration Date' option

Additionally, the link can be set to expire after a specified access count by entering a value into the "Auto-expire after access count' field.

  • Multiple accesses from the same public IP address within a 5 minute time frame will be considered as a single access
  • Links that are set to expire via one of the above options will expire upon an attempted access after the expiration criteria are met! For example, if a link is set to expire after being accessed 5 times, the 6th attempt to access the link will cause the link to become inactive. In this scenario, the external party trying to access the link will be denied access, however it may appear to a Team Member viewing the Public Link settings that the link is still active until the 6th attempted access

'Standard Link' only options:

Download enabled
Specifies whether the user can download the file/s that are publicly linked. The radio buttons below specify whether the user can download the original file or only a PDF version thereof.
Upload enabled
Allows uploading of files to a folder or Project that has been shared publicly.